Kia says its next big thing will be Telluride SUV concept

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The South Korean has decided another peek around the closed curtain is in order when it comes to its upcoming large sport utility vehicle rolling in Detroit later on – called the Telluride concept and arriving with a complete digital dash.

While the latter detail actually made the prototype worthy of a reveal earlier last week during the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas – we finally have an automaker traditional enough to withhold the model for a proper automotive event – the North American International Auto Show. Last week Kia did showcase a first teaser of its upcoming large SUV – an outline of the side profile – and this week we’re also treated to a close look inside the cabin, most enticingly being presented the entire cockpit. Here we’re treated to a neat and clean dashboard that has eschewed almost entirely classic dial and knob controls in favor of a massive touchscreen for the infotainment system delivering in a heartbeat the needed access to the vast majority of functions. A second screen is positioned lower to handle separately the climate controls – albeit as well in touchscreen form as well. Additionally, the instrument cluster itself is entirely digital and it appears Kia is also going for the latest trend – touch controls for the steering wheel functions.

The carmaker has also said the concept’s name will be Telluride and it will be the first ever to make use of 3D-printed components – found in such areas as the steering wheel, dashboard, and door panels. Little information surrounding other details has been provided, though we do know the design was handled by the company’s California unit.