Kory Anderson is trying to recreate the 150hp Case road locomotive (world's largest traction engine, 1904) from the engine cylinder out to the wheels, the goal is to hos the CASE expo 2016 James Valley Thresher show

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[video1]http://jamesvalleythreshers.com/storiescase150.htmThe first 40 x 150 HP Case steam engine was developed and built at the J. I. Case Threshing Machine Company Engine Works at Racine, Wis., in late 1904.It was sold to a silver mine in New Mexico, where it didn't last long due to inferior metals of the age, and was abandoned at the mine, then scrappers tore it apart for WW1 salvage, all but the boiler. That became a water tank for cattle at a nearby windmill, then was donated by the farmers widow to the Leoti Kansas Case dealership, which passed through different company presidents until one sold off all the old metal, and that boiler became a drainage ditch culvert, but finally was moved to the Hickory Oaks Farm at Davis Junction, Ill.  the permanent site of the North Central Illinois Steam Power Show and Operational Agricultural Museum.the 2nd sat in bad repair at the rear of a blacksmith shop in Colby Kansas after pulling a large 50-bottom Oliver plow for the war effort in a sugar beet field. It was scrapped after 1918 to help pay for it. 3 4 and 5 went to Geogia, Kansas and a New York rock quarry. Of the 9, none remain. Scrapped for WW1 seems to have been their end, as they weren't useful very long due to poor metal alloys of that era not holding up to heavy use in the gears carrying lumber and freight loads up to 50 tons.They were 25 feet long, 10 wide, and had 8 feet tall rear wheelshttp://www.farmcollector.com/steam-traction/the-legendary-150-hp-case-steam-traction-engine.aspx