LA Auto Show: Infiniti sets loose into the wild the all-new QX30 crossover

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Japanese luxury automaker Infiniti has officially introduced in front of the worldwide audience attending the Los Angeles Auto Show the brand new QX30 compact crossover. After all the teasers, leaks and spy shots as well as the “concept” versions of the model we already knew what to expect and the QX 30 delivered alongside its own dedicated tag of “premium active crossover”. We’re actually having here the reworked version of the Mercedes-Benz GLA, with the compact Q30 also being the rebadged A Class. The exterior design looks like the Q30 took some steroids and we’re treated to plastic body cladding and some practical roof rails. The QX30 actually looks like a basic transcription of the already released QX30 concept unveiled earlier in March during the Geneva Motor Show. The interior is also very close to the compact hatchback sibling and many actually pay homage to the underlying producer – Mercedes-Benz. Naturally the result is far from being disastrous but we’re pretty sure many voices will raise the exclusivity question as the four cars can hardly be set apart this way and command respect. So far Infiniti has refrained from delivering all the technical details save for commenting the QX30 will boast an intelligent all-wheel drive system able to deliver a 50:50 power distribution for optimal traction. The 4Matic-derived hardware (though Nissan has its own capable off-road hardware) will be mated to a dual-clutch seven-speed gearbox. No powertrain options have been released but we can extrapolate from the Q30 hatchback: 1.6-liter turbo with 122 PS (90 kW) & 156 PS (115 kW); a bigger 2.0-liter turbo with 211 PS (155 kW) and the 1.5-liter with 109 PS (80 kW) and 2.2-liter churning out 170 PS (125 kW) on the diesel front. Built in Sunderland, UK, the QX 30 will be available across global markets during 2016 after its world premiere in LA and in China during the Guangzhou Motor Show.