LA Auto Show: Mercedes-Benz SL introduced with new SL 400 and nine-speed auto gearbox [video + gallery]

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The German automaker has decided to treat us to a massive gallery of pictures with its facelifted SL roadster being showcased to the audience during the LA Auto Show – and we also have the full technical details. The 2016 iteration of the modified SL comes with a brand new SL 400 that has received some added grunt: 35 PS (25 kW) and 20 Nm (15 lb-ft) for a new total of 367 PS (270 kW) and 500 Nm (369 lb-ft) of torque. All models across the lineup will be mated to the all new nine-speed automatic transmission that in the SL 400 case will deliver a zero to 62 mph run in 4.9 seconds. Moving up the ladder we find the SL 500 boasting the known V8 4.7-liter that churns out 455 PS & 700 Nm. Next in line is the “base” SL 63 AMG that delivers an impressive 585 PS & 900 Nm from its V8 5.5-liter – the flagship comes in the form of the SL 65 AMG that is clad in the hulking V12 6.0-liter showcasing 630 PS & 1,000 Nm. Naturally he’s the quickest off the line at running the 62 mph marathon in just four seconds – though it only squashes 0,1 seconds from the more affordable SL 63 AMG acceleration time. Taken from the S Class Coupe comes the optional curve tilting function that is tasked to handle body movements when braking and cornering. Another new technical gimmick is the option to have several DYNAMIC SELECT transmission modes: Curve (CV), Comfort (C), Sport (S), Sport Plus (S+), and Individual. Pricing details will need to wait until the model approaches its launch set for January 2016.