LA Auto Show: Volvo Concept 26 comes to highlight the autonomous high-tech future [video]

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This is the actual name of the fancy and mystery-clad “time machine” concept the Swedish automaker with Chinese parenting has been bragging about. Volvo has taken the wraps off the Concept 26 during the Los Angeles Auto Show and takes inspiration for the name form the fact that an average commute to work is of exactly 26 minutes – the Concept 26 being only the futuristic interior of an upcoming fully autonomous vehicle. Since the designers and engineers didn’t sweat also matching this interior to an actual vehicle, they instead focused on the well being of the driver and passengers. Naturally the former gets all the attention, and while he no longer has to drive Volvo decided the concept should have an innovative seat that comes with the Drive, Create, and Relax modes. When switching to the completely autonomous driving mode, the steering wheel moves back and the seat will take a more comfortable position. At hand sits a massive tablet-like display that makes up the actual dashboard and Volvo believes the driver and passengers would be able to use it for movie watching or catching up with the favorite show via streaming services such as Netflix. Drivers just looking for an oasis of relaxation also look to have landed in the right place, with the Concept 26 boasting the modern interpretation of the iconic Scandinavian design and high-quality materials. Since we’re lacking an actual vehicle to associate it with, Volvo didn’t deliver too many technical details – though we can see upscale leather upholstery, elegant wood trim, as well as metallic finishes. The concept also boasts a four-zone climate control system, a bespoke infotainment system and digital instrumentation.