LaFerrari decides to take on three parked autos in Budapest, loses the contest

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Back in Budapest, Hungary it’s not all about refugees and building fences and about how to eschew the practices of being part of the European Union. There are also guys hitting parked cars with supercars. One of the participants in the hypercar trifecta – the Ferrari LaFerrari – has somehow managed to crash into three parked cars in the country’s capital. One of the only 499 LaFerrari built will need some serious repair time and would most likely never be the same after its driver lost control of the supercar and impacted three parked cars. Taking place during a cozy morning on the city’s Váci street the accident had the flagship Ferrari suffer some extensive damage to the front end on the right side – and the invoice will most likely feature an exquisite number of zeros. Fortunately nobody got hurt during the crash and naturally the police is doing its job to find out how a hybrid-engine hypercar managed to seemingly escape the driver’s control and then jump at the chance of doing some Carmageddon havoc among the more mundane auto brethrens. Preliminary reports indicate the LaFerrari driver was just fresh out of a repair shop and having cold tires the traction suffered – a thing you learn in elementary driver school. Fortunately the damage seems repairable and most likely we’ll get to see the owner once again hitting something – this time around hopefully just his own hypercar. Nevertheless, this is the fourth recorded LaFerrari crash – a late 2013 impact involved a truck in Italy, last year a Golf stood in its way in Monaco and in Shanghai we heard of a more serious encounter this year. Via Wörthersee GTI-Treffen and