Lambo CEO confirms Urus SUV will sport twin-turbo V8 configuration

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Stephen Winkelmann appears to be doing the media rounds these days to showcase all the latest information regarding the company’s product development plans. We just talked about the approaching anniversary one-off that we’re all calling Centenario, confirmed for its first public appearance during the 2016 Geneva Motor Show. And now in an interview with a different publication, the Lambo boss has also spilled the beans on the Italian supercar maker’s first ever sport utility vehicle (we’re counting the LM002 as a true off-roader) – the Urus – which should reach dealerships across the world in 2018. The model will use the carmaker’s first turbo V8 powertrain architecture, switching from the traditional naturally aspirated V10 and V12 units that can be found inside the marvelous Huracan and Aventador sports cars. The twin-turbocharged eight-cylinder unit will have a displacement of 4.0 liters and Winkelman says the switch is “a major step” for the automaker. The turbo was chosen because of the need to start downsizing engines to get lower CO2 emissions, but also because the power spread is more even across the rev counter, which would enable the Urus to boast some true off-road capabilities and top end performance on the street to keep up with its traditional image. “We decided that a turbo for a super sport SUV is the best choice. The engine must be light and powerful and with the capability with this torque at low revs to allow the car to be ‘elastic’ in every type of condition,” added research and development chief Maurizio Reggiani. They both added the unit will not be borrowed from the Volkswagen AG organ donor base, but will be unique for Lamborghini’s sake. Via Autocar