Lamborghini HQ now packing the Ad Personam personalization studio

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Lamborghini’s Ad Personam program has been very popular around the world – with more than half the units sold this year going through the service for some personal touches.

Now the company is looking to expand on that success by presenting the new Ad Personam Studio at its headquarters in SantAgata Bolognese, where customers will be assisted in creating their dream-like exclusive Lamborghini. Situated right in the heart of the company’s production facilities, the Ad Personam Studio will become the go to location for owners looking for their unique sense of style.

For example, when a client is ordering a car, they can also book a visit at the studio – and upon arriving at the location they will also be granted a guided tour of the Lamborghini plant ahead of the studio work. An Ad Personam specialist will then showcase anything they want, from leather to colors, materials, seats, and rims – and the result can be seen through an advanced car configurator, be it a Huracan or an Aventador. Of course, Aventador buyers are more prone to the Ad Personam service because they are “more sensitive to the exclusiveness and uniqueness of their purchase.” The company even said one of the more popular options in the Ad Personam catalogue is an innovative carbon fiber material named Forged Composite.