Lamborghini practically confirms Centenario model heading to Geneva in 2016

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In a recent interview with the company’s chief executive officer, Stephan Winkelmann, we were treated to the practical confirmation of a new bespoke one-off Lamborghini model to celebrate 100 years since the founder’s birth. The 100th anniversary of the birth of founder Ferrucio Lamborghini will be celebrated with a new, highly exclusive run supercar to appear in front of the worldwide audience during the 2016 Geneva Motor Show. “We will unveil a car in Geneva. In terms of renderings, it is known to the customers already. It is a car which is covering the best balance between tradition and innovation. You are familiar with our one-offs – it will be something like this, a coupe bodystyle. And it will initiate the celebration of the 100 years,” commented the executive for Auto Express. So, we’re surely being treated to a unique Lamborghini different from the current range – the Huracan and Aventador. We’re rooting for the great sounding Centenario moniker, though this one hasn’t eben confirmed as of yet. Going forwards, the rumor mill puts the bespoke model on a 20-unit production run and sporting under the hood an updated version of the automaker’s 6.5-litre V12 engine, which delivers 740bhp in its most powerful iteration to date – inside the Aventador Superveloce. We could see the power lifted to about 760bhp, translating into an acceleration time for the 0-60 mph (96 km/h) run of just 2,5 seconds. “The car we will show will be a completely different design from both Huracán and Aventador,” also insisted Winkelman, with reports also stating those who already saw the renderings were surprised by the not so extreme treatment. Via Auto Express