Lamborghini Urus is an old school SUV – no driverless tech on board

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According to the company’s most advised executive – chief executive officer Stephan Winkelmann – the upcoming Urus sport utility vehicle will not receive any kind of advanced autonomous systems. We all know the trend today is to deliver vehicles that are more akin to supercomputers than the usual mix of metal and speed – they’re brimming with connectivity and safety features and both automakers and technology companies are heralding an age where drivers will be superfluous and the autos can handle the driving duties themselves – allegedly safer and more efficient. And as such all automakers are in various stages of development with systems that make the transition to the point when our vehicles will be able to drive themselves without any assistance from the person behind the wheel. But there are those brands that such a feat would take away the main panache and credo – among them being Lamborghini. So, the CEO claims the Lambo brand will not embrace the trend because of the assumed negative impact it would have on a marquee that prides itself with the fact it’s a driver’s company. So, Winkelmann commented even further saying the spiritual successor of the marvelous LM002 off-roader will be a vehicle that you will enjoy and have fun driving it. We’re not rooting for Huracan or Aventador levels of enjoyment though by the looks of it the Urus might be the most enjoyable model in the newly established niche of ultra-luxury utes. The executive also added the Urus’ main desire would be to provide the best possible feedback on the road, though its all-wheel drive system would still deliver certain off-road abilities. Via