Lamborghini's Lighter & Cheaper RWD Huracan Is Here - LP580-2

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The two-wheel drive Gallardo LP550-2 now has an official successor and it is called the Huracan LP580-2. To keep things nice and simple, I will put the new features of Lamborghini's latest creating in point form for easy reading.Rear-wheel drive layout (Did someone say drift?)3 Driving Moded: STRADA, SPORT and CORSA33 kg lighter than the four-wheel drive version40% front, 60% rear weight distributionNew steering set-up for "more precise turning"LPI (Lamborghini Piattforma Inerziale) which is a sensor that tracks all systems5.2-litre V10 less powerful with output of 572 HP and 540 Nm of torqueCylinder deactivation techSame gearbox as the four-wheel drive modelFuel consumption just 11.9 litres per 100km0 to 100 km/h dealt with in 3.4 seconds which is only 0.2 slower than the four-wheel driveTop speed of 320 km/hExterior has been revised: large front air intakes, spoiler lip at rear19-inch Kari rims wrapped in PZero tyres, developed for the modelLatest infotainment system IIPre-tax retail price of  €150,000What do you all think about the revised styling? I am not 100% sure about the front but I think I may get used to it once I have seen it. This car will be a lot of fun to drive and you will need to have your wits about you when behind the wheel. Base price in South Africa will be R4.5 million.