Land Rover dismisses reports about Defender being built again by others

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The British automaker has come out in the open saying the Defender comeback reports are not to be trusted, as the brand values the model’s heritage and name awareness far too much to allow others to use the rights.

Not long ago a rumor flying off the British mill talked about billionaire chemical tycoon Jim Ratcliffe wanting to put his money on a project to restart the previous generation Land Rover Defender’s production. It was also alleged there could be talk to sell the rights for the venerable model. While this speculation could make the hearts of fans racing again, it appears it’s mere media smoke – with Jaguar Land Rover officially denying anything like this could happen. “There is no way this is happening,” commented recently a spokesperson for a British publication. “We’re not going to let anyone build our Defender.” The automaker added there are no plans to restart the production of the Defender model in its current form.

The rumor should have been taken not with the usual inch of salt, but with all the alarms ringing to begin with. Having been out in the wild for 68 years of uninterrupted production history, the Defender is not a mere icon – but a true legend for Land Rover. And with a new generation coming in 2019, no one would have believed the company would just sell that legacy away, right? And Land Rover only ended the Defender production this January, with the new one coming to life as a true XXI century model – though still deeply attached to its past.