Land Rover says the all-new Defender will reach out to us in 2018

The British all-wheel drive specialist manufacturer has been reported to head into production as a 2019 model year sometimes during the course of 2018 – following a small hiatus as the current model will be retired soon. Following decades of uninterrupted production and after altering the course of automotive history, the iconic Defender will effectively cease to exist as it has been scheduled to retire next month in full glory. But a replacement for the model that is just as important for the automotive industry as the Jeep Wrangler (based off the original Willys Jeep that served the US Army during WWII) is not expected to reach us until 2018. We already know the design of the all-new generation will be different from the one showcased by the latest crop of concepts – says Gerry McGovern, the company’s executive that says the styling will translate into a “modern Defender.” The crucial new model is expected to reach sales of about 100,000 units per year and in order to reach the goal the automaker has decided to expand the model line to around five members. We should be treated to a couple of two-door versions, a long wheelbase four-door, as well as two- and four-door pickup variants that are not expected to also hit US dealerships. This is practically the same lineup as with the iconic Defender, though McGovern specifically points the new Defender will reach out to a wider customer base than before. They will also get repositioned above the Discovery range and below the Range Rovers. Promising “people will know it’s a Defender”, Land Rover also appears ready to deliver a less extreme Defender, and only time will tell if they nailed it the right way. Via Automotive News