Land Rover wants a new flagship Range Rover to pit against Bentley’s Bentayga

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According to executives of the British luxury automaker owned by India’s Tata Motors, the land Rover crossover-oriented marquee could bring a bespoke flagship SUV with a price tag of more than 200,000 pounds. The move will make part of the brand’s stride to move into the uber-luxury stratosphere, currently covered in the sport utility segment only by the upcoming Bentley Bentayga. The land Rover brand seeks even more exclusivity from its competitor because the Range Rover flagships would have a limited production run of around 1000 vehicles. Paul Newsome, Director of JLR’s Special Vehicle Operations division, commented during the recent introduction of the top Range Rover SV Autobiography he mulls a model positioned above coming with a base price of at least 200,000 British pounds. “I can see something that would sit above the existing Range Rover model. It would have to have a unique style and different looks [to the current Range Rover],” commented the manager. “You could imagine a car with aluminum [body] panels which would be hand-finished and hand-matched. Something that potential buyers could watch being made,” he added, hinting the ultra-pricey SUV would get the bespoke treatment. The market for high priced SUVs appears to be very strong judging by the initial orders for the Bentley Bentayga, with Newsome envisioning the upcoming Range Rover competitor as a model that delivers a high level of craftsmanship besides the inherent technical sophistication. He also added the SVX sub-brand dedicated to vehicles with extreme off-road abilities would first be used to underpin a version of the all-new Defender coming in 2017.