Lawmakers in Germany and the US worried about spread of VW cheating

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German Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt has decided to call for a probe of Volkswagen AG’s diesel-powered cars, while the White House also declared itself “quite concerned” about the company’s failure to comply with the U.S. Clean Air Act mandates. German newspaper Bild first reported on Monday the order of examination coming from the country’s transport minister, which has called for an investigation into diesel cars sold by VW AG because the world’s largest (interim) automaker acknowledged it had mislead regulators when they tested its cars for toxic emissions in the United States. The Transport Ministry later confirmed the testing process by the authorities and also announced Volkswagen’s chief executive officer Martin Winterkorn would support the process. A statement issued by the regulator stated the executive and Alexander Dobrindt, the transport minister, discussed the issue and the former delivered his “absolute support” for the independent probe on the company’s diesel powered autos. Also on Monday the US White House announced it was “quite concerned” about Volkswagen’s breach of the U.S. Clean Air Act mandate. “It’s fair to say that we’re quite concerned by some of the reports that we’ve seen about the conduct of this particular company, but ultimately this is the responsibility of the EPA o take a look at it and that’s exactly what they’re doing,” commented a spokesperson for the White House. The German automaker admitted on Monday it had cheated on the emissions tests conducted by the US authorities. Via Reuters