Leaked: Volvo’s large sedan S90 bleeds on the Net ahead of Gothenburg introduction

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The successor of the ageing S80 large sedan, aptly name the S90, has leaked on numerous occasions courtesy of official scale model products – but now we’re treated to the actual car in an official company image. The official introduction of the model is just around the corner, but the Volvo S90 has decided to skip the formalities and present itself to the world earlier and unofficial – though for now all we have is a leaked side profile picture. We’ve seen though the copious amount of pictures of the model in scale model form and now we do get the best look so far at the large Swedish sedan. It appears the smallish and often blurry scale model mug shots were not entirely accurate, as the S90 looks even better in the metal. The sloping roofline also hints the Swedish brand is aiming to compete with niche models such as the Audi A7 Sportback as well. At the front the main highlight is the Thor Hammer-style LED daytime running lights that premiered on the large XC90 crossover and we can also see a massive grille complete with an elegant and elongated hood. We’re not entirely sure as of yet, but we reckon the S90 has jumped the lettering moniker also because it’s way bigger than the outgoing S80 – just take a glance at those huge rear doors and the positioning of the third row of side windows. Still shrouded in mystery is the back of the car, though the scale models pointed out to large C-shaped taillights and massive Volvo lettering on the trunk lid. What we do know about the car for sure is the model will employ the modular Scalable Product Architecture (SPA) platform and will most likely come equipped with the same engines as its crossover brethren – the XC90 – meaning only four cylinder powerplants will be available. Via autoblog.nl