Liberty Walk adorned Tesla Model S is just rendering fantasy… for now

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As of yet, nobody actually went through the process of taking the Tesla Model S electric sedan through the Liberty Walk wide body kit treatment, though judging by the render here the move should be hastened.

We’re talking here about a perfectionist’s work since even we had a moment before saying it can’t be real – we remembered nobody actually paired the kit with the luxury electric sedan. It’s true the customer base for these two pieces of metal is entirely different – but the marriage could one day still be arranged by somebody who wants to draw attention or simply loves both crazy tuning elements and saving the world by having an electric sedan parked in front of the driveway. There’s catch though, since using a Liberty Walk kit will incur serious modifications – to the point where fenders need to be cut away, so it could be a long wait before anyone commits to such moves – especially given the steep price of the battery electric limo.

The Model S here in virtual form has no issues going the Liberty Walk way though, and we can see it sporting the well-known wide fenders and the signature Liberty Walk massive rear wing also makes a daring appearance. The guy who did the transformation is called Khyzyl Saleem, a British artist that makes such renderings during the lunch breaks… And the Liberty Walk wide body kits are made by a Japanese tuner that has earned a lot of praise during recent years with orders for the elements being placed from all over the world.