Limited edition Alfa Romeo 4C gets unsettling scaly wrap

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While this particular scaly wrap for the Alfa Romeo 4C has been inspired by a set of limited edition shoes – we just can’t the shake the villain feeling here.

The Alfa Romeo 4C isn’t particularly the most beautiful design coming from the famed Italian brand – but it still exudes a sports car exotic feeling. Now Garage Italia Customs has taken the wraps off a customized unit that has been inspired by the Adidas’ Football Deadly Focus Pack. The latter shoes were jointly designed by Lapo Elkann and fashion company Italia Independent – the first being none other than the Garage Italia Customs founder. The car’s unique animal-inspired wrap is inspired by the pattern used on the limited edition X15 and Ace 16 football shoes that are included in the Deadly Focus Pack.

The 2016 Alfa Romeo 4C was unveiled this year and comes with the usual carbon fiber monocoque chassis, a composite body, and 17-inch alloy wheels with Pirelli P Zero AR tires. The motivation comes from the turbocharged 1.75-liter four-cylinder engine that delivers 237 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque. While that might not sound impressive since there are so many 1,000 hp hypercars out there, do consider that a 4C will tip the scales at just 2,465 pounds. And using the twin-clutch transmission, the 4C can sprint to 60 mph in just 4.1 seconds and then continue until it maxes out at 160 mph. A regular 2016 Alfa Romeo 4C can be had in the US from $55,900 while the 4C Spider retails for $65,900.