Major Chinese companies united by a common eco-goal

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Kandi Technologies will join forces with Alibaba, China Minsheng Banking, Uber China, Zhejiang Geely Holding and ZTE to promote connected electric cars. The electric cars expansion is a vital step in China’s plans to reduce the overwhelming pollution in the country. The government made a step in this direction last week as it has decided to approve production permits for a new group of electric car manufacturers, the initiative being part of a wider plan to encourage the emission-free technologies in China. An early step in the right direction has been made in July when the central government unveiled a program to link technology companies with manufacturers under an “Internet Plus” project to regenerate traditional industries through the use of services such as cloud computing and artificial intelligence. Another important step was made last month when the Chinese officials declared that will speed up the building of recharging facilities for electric cars, wanting to reach by 2020 to a five million stations for plug-in vehicles. The positive effects of the plan are already showing as an important group of companies declared their firm commitment to promote greener alternative vehicles. Kandi Technologies Group Inc. announced its plans to work with companies including Alibaba Group Holding Ltd., Uber China and China Minsheng Banking Corp., also joined by Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co. and ZTE Corp. All declared that will form a group that will promote connected electric cars and every side will bring their know-how. Alibaba will support the initiative with its Big Data analytics and cloud computing services, ZTE will provide its wireless charging technology while Uber will contribute with its car-sharing expertise. “Traffic jams, air pollution are pushing gasoline-powered cars into a dead end,” Kandi President Hu Xiaoming said in an interview. “The development of data technologies is providing us with an enormous opportunity to make electric cars much easier to use.” Via Bloomberg