Married with children – man remembers he left wife at gas station after 60 miles, son playing on smartphone

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It sounds like a hypothetical situation that would take place in a sitcom but it appears a real couple from very real Argentina had this interesting experience while coming back from a vacation in Brazil.

We’re really not going to dig deeper to see what actually perspired during said vacation, but at one point during the return home the family stopped at a gas station to refuel the vehicle – after the driver filled the tank he did the regular thing: paid, went to restroom, got back, drove away for around 60 miles (96 kilometers) – then “discovered” wife was missing. Ok, it really sounds like something from a sitcom but the story is one of those “Murphy law” things: while the man was inside the station his wife got out to buy some cookies. He didn’t notice her absence because ahead of reaching the station she was sleeping in the back and most likely the husband didn’t notice she wasn’t there anymore. And by the way, the couple had a 14-year-old son sitting in the front passenger seat – but he too failed to notice her absence because he was… playing on the smartphone.

The wife realized sooner of course she had been “forgotten” and tried to reach out to them but they had no coverage there and ultimately had to bring the situation to the attention to the gas station’s employees and then to the authorities. The husband returned after around two hours and you may imagine the wife was really “happy” by then – as she is said to have kicked the car.