Maserati is forced to hold production to cut costs

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To cut costs, Maserati is forced to hold production for six weeks in the next two months, affecting so their sales target. Maserati is forced to cut production costs and, therefore, it will stop the production for six weeks in the next two months, including four consecutive weeks starting from December 14. These, not very encouraging, news were brought by unions at luxury unit’s main plant in Grugliasco, in northern Italy. As a consequence, 2,000 works will be put on hold and follows other production shutdowns in September. Therefore, Maserati’s production is set to decrease by 25 percent this year to about 26,000 vehicles, according to IHS Automotive and will affect the brand’s sales target of 50,000 cars in 2016 and to 75,000 in 2018. “It really is an indicator of the shallowness of that segment”, said Bill Visnic, an independent automotive analyst based in Weirton, West Virginia. The slowing place in China and US, caused a drop in company’s operating profit by 87 percent to 12 million euros in the third quarter as deliveries went down by 22 percent. For a boost in deliveries, Maserati plans to introduce two new models: the Levante SUV for the next year and in the near future intends to launch a sports car. “We need to slow it down”, Fiat Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne told analysts last month, reaffirming Maserati’s 2018 sales target. “We need to take a deep breath and just work our way through the issues and effectively get ready for the Levante launch”. Via Automotive News Europe