Maserati to expand its North American dealership network

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As the Italian brand prepares for the arrival of its first ever SUV, Maserati will add more dealerships in North America to meet the demand.

Maserati has high hopes from its first ever SUV in the company’s hundred-year history – Levante -, as the demand for the brand’s models has been lately on a downward slope. After the Ferrari spin-off, it became the high-end marque of Fiat Chrysler and, with such a position, Maserati has to live up to the expectations. And an SUV is the best bet these days, as the segment is a big sales driver. As the Italian brand expects for Levante to be a hit, especially in North America, it will expand the dealership network from 116 stores to 130 by the end of the year, Automotive News reports.

Most of the new outlets will house both Maserati and Alfa Romeo models, global brand head Harald Wester said last week at the Geneva auto show, planning to reach to about 20 joint dealerships in the region.“Where we were not able to cover all the attractive locations, and there was an opportunity for a combination Alfa Romeo-Maserati [dealership], we went for this,” Wester said.

If Maserati delivered 12,000 vehicles in North America last year, the Levante model is expected to push the sales pace to rise to an annual rate of 20,000. The production will start in Italy in July and the SUV will come to North America later in the year, Wester said.

Via Automotive News