Mazda believes US diesel plans will face delay due to VW scandal

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Due to the fallout on the diesel technology from the massive Volkswagen diesel emissions cheating scandal, Japan’s Mazda said its own plans to introduce diesel-equipped models in the US could be postponed. According to a senior manager, Kiyoshi Fujiwara, a Mazda managing executive officer in charge of research and development and cost innovation, the scandal could render delays to their own strategy of bringing diesel powered cars to the US market but the Japanese automaker will remain committed to the model introductions. He added the media reports that said Mazda had decided to axe plans to roll the technology in the US were not trust worthy. The US introduction of diesel Mazdas was initially scheduled for 2016, with the maker being the most important user of the technology at home in Japan, but its rollout will most likely have to be postponed. That’s because US regulators could conceive new regulations for the emissions and fuel-economy testing processes. “We’re committed to launching diesel-fueled cars in the United States,” commented Fujiwara on the sidelines of the Tokyo Motor Show. “There is no doubt about that.” The modified regulations and procedures will likely have an impact on all plans to sell diesel cars in the US market, as the standards are widely expected to become increasingly complicated for the technology following the admitted cheating of Germany’s Volkswagen AG, which equipped its cars with a so-called “defeat device” software to modify the pollution levels while undergoing testing procedures. Via Reuters