Mazda MX-5 looks ready for Batman’s garage thanks to DAMD

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The tuner responsible for this spectacular modification of the cute and cuddly Mazda MX-5 Miata is called Dream Automotive Development and Design, and they’re aptly calling it the Dark Knight.

DAMD’s iteration haven’t been prominently featured here because they tend to be very cheesy and distasteful – but the planets have aligned on this one favorably. It’s called the Dark Knight and the aggressive body kit for the Mazda MX-5 actually nails the right tune. We’re unsure if the company will be allowed to keep this name – as the DC and Warner Bros’ lawyers might have some cartoonish sayings about using “their” property. Anyways, the main attraction of the body kit should be the front end – with a front spoiler complete with three silver fins in the center and sharp wings at the edges, as a clever nod to the Batarangs.

For the showcar, DAMD used dark red accents – but the buyers can have the parts also in gloss piano black or in matte black. The rest of the affair includes side sills, a rear diffuser, and a trunk lip spoiler, with the sharp styling continued. You can also have a matching interior, with DAMD offering black leather and suede seat covers with red stitching. The parts can be made out of fiber glass or carbon fiber and can be purchased separately or as a complete body kit. The aftermarket specialist also used a set of Spirit Racing shocks and some unnamed tuning wheels.