Mazda reportedly ready to deliver much-anticipated return of RX in 2017

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According to the latest online buzz, the Japanese automaker has let slip a subtle hint that has to do with the launch date of the much-hyped all new generation of the RX sporty model – which should happen sometime during 2017. The Tokyo Motor Show that took place last month was chosen as the best event possible to premiere the RX-Vision concept – coming with an all new rotary engine, though the prototype’s innards were not actually detailed. Now according to a company insider the best kept secret of the company should be out in the open come 2017 when the company is also scheduling ample celebrations because the rotary engine will turn 50. And this only has one aftermath – a production RX model will be released into the wild with the new “SKYACTIV-R” technology that undeniably refers to the rotary engine. According to the sources quoted by Motoring, Mazda has already proceeded with testing of a “16X” hybrid turbo rotary engine that comes with a dual-800cc rotor setup and will churn out more than 455 PS (335 kW). Power will be distributed to the rear wheels through a transaxle setup and the brand is working to incorporate in to the rear axle the unannounced dual-clutch gearbox to achieve better weight optimization. More gossip – which should naturally be taken with a healthy dose of skepticism – also calls for dual-clutch gearbox using a standard “electric turbo assist” system that should deliver more power at reduced rpm counts – the traditional exhaust-driven turbo will then kick in at increased engine speeds. Most rumors concerning the model are proposing the RX-9 progression moniker, with the production version being smaller than the RX-VISION concept and also coming with a lightweight aluminum-intensive construction. Via