McLaren’s 50 years of Formula One anniversary includes 570S Coupe with historic livery

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The British company, once a motorsport-oriented organization and today also a successful exotic sports car manufacturer, has celebrated 50 years of implication in Formula One with style.

The anniversary is marked with a bespoke 570S Coupe dressed up in the same livery as the historic M2B model. Back in 1966 during the Monaco Grand Prix the brand made its official debut in Formula 1 alongside the aforementioned M2B racer. Half a century later, the Woking-based manufacturer has decided the 570S Coupe is a good celebratory model – and adorned it with a unique livery with a central green stripe and silver edge as homage to the M2B. Of course, the connection is easily established by McLaren using the full knowledge and technologies in F1 inside its road going cars as well.

The M2B appeared just three years after Bruce McLaren created the racing team, and the model used a monocoque that was described back then by the car’s designer Robin Herd as being “an inverted top-hat section tub.” It was manufactured from mallite (end-grain balsa wood sandwiched between light-gauge aluminum), and now the 570S uses XXI century tech by deploying a carbon fiber monocoque. Like the M2B, the high-performance coupe uses a double wishbone suspension both at the front and the rear – but has adjustable dampers and allows them to be tweaked by the driver via an Adaptive Dynamics Panel with Normal, Sport, and Track modes. It has F1-inspired carbon ceramic brakes and Seamless Shift Gearbox rocker-shift controls inspired by the MP4-31 driven by Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button.