Mercedes continues to win on the Chinese market and elsewhere

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October proved to be yet another winner month for Daimler’s Mercedes Benz in China and not only. Mercedes Benz, Daimler’s high-end brand, registered a significant boost in its Chinese sales, with a net increase of 13% and a number of 165,706 units sold in October only (combined figure for Mercedes and Smart). Out of the total number, 155,189 vehicles were Mercedes (a record 10% growth), while the sales for Smart were more than double, with 10,517 units and a whopping 103% rise. Smart’s success was also prompted by the introduction of two new models, the ForTwo and the ForFour. The German automaker’s achievements extend to its midsize SUV, the GLK. Mercedes’s sales chief, Ola Kaellenius, declared: “In China, we already surpassed our unit sales of 2014 in October. Our SUVs are especially popular there, above all the GLK; half of all those cars sold this year have gone to customers in China. We expect even stronger growth from that model’s successor, the GLC.” The company is also doing well in the rest of the world. There were 659,106 units sold in Europe in the first 10 months of 2015, a boost supported partially by the launch of the GLC. Its premium markets on the continent are Germany (24,227 vehicles delivered to customers last month, increase of +1.9%), Spain (a strong growth of +29.4%), Russia and Switzerland. Sales in Italy have also increased significantly: +25.0%. In the North-American region, 320,186 units were sold from January to October (7.9% increase), with 278,842 vehicles going to the US only. Mercedes is doing extremely well in the Asia-Pacific region, with 497,914 cars in the first 10 months. Apart from the Chinese overwhelming success, the company is a market leader among the premium manufacturers in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan.