Mercedes-AMG treats the CLA to new accessories, no power increases on tow

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The sporty division of the German automaker has recently outed a new line of accessories for the CLA 250 Sport and all the CLA models already packing the AMG Line option.

For example the buyers can opt for a front splitter, side skirts, rear flics, and a new rear end that also incorporates a faux diffuser. The range of accessories has been envisioned as a sporty extension of the appearance, with the company adding the attachments are manufactured using “deep-draw technology”. They also have a high-gloss black finish which makes them eschew the need of paint. The accessories have also been developed with ease of installation in mind, with the whole process being completed in a short amount of time.

Aside from the body kit enhancements, Mercedes-AMG is also proposing side stripes and special wheel hub covers. The latter also have several options – an emblem showcases a cam lobe, valve, and valve spring to symbolize engine build, as well as a tree by a river to represent the company’s location in Affalterbach. Mercedes-AMG is so very proud of the logo so the wheel hub covers have been designed with a “great love of detail.” They even explained the manufacturing process: black and grey shades are applied on the aluminum hubs via a silk-screen printing process, and then embossed to become an emblem. These are afterwards sealed with a clear coat and applied to a plastic base.