Mercedes-Benz Museum is selling some of its classic cars

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With a program named “All Time Stars”, Mercedes-Benz Museum is allowing classic cars enthusiasts to buy directly from them. The classic cars fans have now the possibility to buy a vintage Benz model right from Mercedes Museum, so they can no longer have to hunt for “classics” from private owners. The benefits are obvious: each vehicle from the Museum goes through a rigorous inspection based on a comprehensive 160-item checklist that allows any defects or blemishes to be identified and recorded, so you can really know what you are buying. It is all about trust. The oldest model that is currently available is a Type 630 Kompressor from 1929, the newest being an E 320 convertible made in 1995. The “All Time Stars” program is divided into three categories. The Premium Edition covers classic cars that are in rare original condition with very few miles on board and vehicles that have been lovingly restored by the experts at Mercedes-Benz Classic in Stuttgart. The Collectors Edition cars are in excellent condition both technically and visually, with some mileage and a patina that gives them a special character, while the Drivers Edition are vintage vehicles and modern classics for everyday driving and for people who want to commit to a restoration project. The Museum sales, for example, a Mercedes-Benz 630 from October 1928, or its K version with a 160 hp 6.3-litre. It is also available an E 320 convertible with around 31,000 miles on the clock, or a Mercedes-Benz 280 SE with 86.000 kilometres on the clock and which was restored at Mercedes-Benz Classic Service & Parts. Via Mercedes-Benz