Mercedes-Benz opens the order books for the new C-Class Coupe in Germany

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Mercedes-Benz is now offering the new generation of the C-Class Coupe on its local market, Germany. After it was officially unveiled earlier this summer, the 2016 Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe is now ending up in our news once again, this time with an announcement made by the 3-pointed star. According to the car manufacturer, the two-door midsized vehicle will be arriving at dealerships on its local market in December, but its order books have been opened already. The cheapest diesel version of the BMW 4-Series Coupe fighter is called the C220d and it can be yours from 39,567.50 euros, with tits 2.2l 170 PS engine. This is followed by the C250d, equipped with the same unit but producing 204 PS, which costs 45,041.50 euros. When talking about the petrol range, the entry-level is the C180, with the 1.6L unit producing 156 PS, costing 35,581 euros. Next in the lineup comes the C200, adding a 2.0 liter petrol burner with 184 PS and setting its future customers back for 37,604 euros. The C250 is next, with the same 2.0l engine but with more output, 211 PS to be more specific, costing 42,840 euros, while for the C300, bringing a 2.0l unit as well, with 245 PS, customers will have to pay 44,803.50 euros. The range-topping models, the AMG C63 and the AMG C63 S are bringing a 4.0l twin turbo V8 engine, with 476 PS and 510 PS respectively, costing 77,826 euros and 86,096.50 euros.