Mercedes-Benz planning V12 supercar

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Mercedes is planning to develop a V12 supercar which will be taking on “the big boys” in the exotic supercar segment. Ever since the SLS AMG has been dropped from the lineup and replaced with the smaller, cheaper and less powerful AMG GT, Mercedes-Benz has lost that special “touch” but it seems that the German brand will not be leaving things like that. According to a recent report, published by Autoblog, a new V12 supercar with the 3-pointed star badges on its body is being planned. Our source is quoting the Mercedes-AMG product planner, who has been speaking on the subject and making referrals to the SLR McLaren, which has been considered a supercar royalty. The brand new model is believed to be in development process and to get a new V12 engine under its hood, which will be making it a direct competitor to models such as the Lamborghini Aventador SV or the upcoming Ferrari F12 Speciale. Exact rumors on when this particular model will be hitting the market are not known at this point but we will be coming back with more details once these will become available. Meanwhile, we will remind you that the current range-topping vehicle made by Mercedes-AMG is called the AMG GT and it has been in production since 2014. The sports car is offered in a 2-door coupe body style, with a front mid-engine and rear-wheel drive layout. This is making use of a newly developed 4.0 liter V8 twin turbo petrol engine, rated at 469 HP or 503 HP in the AMG GT S range-topping model.