MINI Considering Sedan Model For The US And China

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The BMW Group-owned MINI brand is looking into expanding its lineup with a fifth model that will could be a saloon. Aimed at the United States and China, the four-door MINI remains a possibility, as the firm's VP of Product Management, Ralph Mahler, told Autocar, at the New York Auto Show, last month, without confirming plans."For example, in Asia and the US, the sedan segment is very big. This is very interesting to us, of course", he said, adding that "The sedan concept is in our history, so we have roots there."Details on the upcoming vehicle remain scarce, but it could be based on the new Clumban, sharing its 2,670 mm long wheelbase and bodywork up to the B-pillars. If so, it would have a length of around 4,300 mm, becoming one of the smallest saloons on the market. Since BMW still owns trademarks for Riley and Triumph after the sale of the MG Rover Group in 2000, they could use the names on the sedan, but again, we're speculating here.Mahler continued to talk about the next Countryman, stating that MINI won't push it upmarket, as it happened with the Clubman. It will be underpinned by BMW's UKL1 platform and it's referred to as a "more authentic SUV", with a roomier cabin and four-wheel drive. It could gain hybrid powertrains in the future, which might be used on other vehicles in the company's lineup too. Following its plan to offer five core models, MINI will not replace the Coupe, Roadster and Paceman, by Mahler did say that "the Paceman and Countryman are really close together and, in the future, we would rather split them apart". Note: MINI Superleggera Vision Concept picturedPhoto Gallery