Mitsubishi Showing Outlander Sport-sized Electric Crossover in Tokyo

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Mitsubishi will show off a crossover-sized electric vehicle at the Tokyo Motor Show this month that will preview what the automaker has planned for electric vehicles and, likely, elements of the next generation of its Outlander Sport. The eX electric crossover is roughly the same size as the Outlander Sport currently on sale — the concept crossover is 167 inches long, compared to the Outlander Sport’s 169 inches. According to the automaker, the EV has two electric motors with a combined output of 184 horsepower and a range of roughly 250 miles. The eX is the next step for Mitsubishi’s Dynamic Shield design strategy, the carmaker said. The daytime running lamps and turn signals are separated from the headlights to avoid blinding pedestrians and drivers of other cars, and the eX uses rubber coatings on the bumper and underside to protect pedestrians in a crash. The car would also sport safety technology such as lane departure warning, blind-spot monitoring and emergency braking. The car is stuffed full of tech including augmented reality information projected on to the windshield, vehicle-to-vehicle communications and batteries that can be used outside of the car. The automaker didn’t specify if the batteries could be used in place of portable generators, similar to the Honda FCV’s portable generator concept. Mitsubishi said the eX concept car would have a 45 kWh capacity.