Mitsubishi to introduce two model updates during Los Angeles Auto Show

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The Japanese automaker, which has been struggling to rekindle sales affection across numerous markets, is continuing the pursuit of its new design language and has announced a dual model debut for the LA Auto Show. Mitsubishi has unveiled a teaser image announcing the official introduction of the two models – most likely being the updated versions of the ASX (Outlander Sport) and the Mirage (Space Star) from what we can distinguish from the blurred image. The wait won’t be longer as both are scheduled to debut on November 18 during the LA Auto Show. We’re not expecting too many modifications for a couple of facelifts, but we reckon the sub-compact crossover would receive a front end makeover and the city car could feature some minor revisions. We already saw the Japanese brand showcasing the eX concept during the Tokyo Motor Show – and that is a direct hint towards the next generation of the ASX – so expect the all new model to be released in the wild as soon as next year. That means the facelifted ASX could have a short life of no more than a year. Meanwhile the Mirage could altogether skip the 2016 model year and come out as a 2017 version that could be launched sometimes next spring. We’re expecting more novelties to come from the brand that has been renowned for its off-road vehicles but has been traversing a rough period lately because some of its mass-market models – such as the Lancer – have not been properly revised via all new generations.