Mulliner has the right Bentayga for you if passionate about fly fishing

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For those relaxed and calm days when you’re Scrooging your finances counting the pennies in the vaults, you can also enjoy the pricey SUV on a fishing trip.

Sport utility vehicles have come a long way from the days of the Defender (think Africa trips) and Jeep CJ (think bikini and beaches) and today most of the crossovers and SUVs don’t even know what dirt looks like. And that would be the case with a 200,000 euros plus Bentayga, right? Wrong actually because the British automaker thinks there’s enough market for a Mulliner accessory for fishing enthusiasts, for example – and we all know that getting to the pond does include at least a little bit of off-roading. Called the “ultimate angling accessory,” the new kit will be right at home inside the trunk of Crewe’s first-ever SUV and includes every item needed for a “successful day on the river.”

The pricing hasn’t been revealed yet, but that doesn’t really matter for the affluent buyer, most likely. The kit contains four rods placed in bespoke tubes covered in saddle leather that even has Linen cross-stitching. They are placed on the underside of the parcel shelf, and the carpet-trimmed side of the trunk is keeping the landing nets that come in matching leather bags. But the real spotlight is taken by the three individual units covered in saddle leather. You have a master tackle station, a refreshment case, and a waterproof wader-stowage trunk. The master tackle has been filled by Mulliner with a fly-tying vice, tools, hooks, feathers, and cottons – all placed in a tailor-made Burr Walnut veneered drawer.