Negotiations between UAW and GM reopened

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After last week’s rejection of the contract, the United Auto Workers reopened talks with General Motors over skilled trades issue. Despite positive development of the negotiations with the trade union, materialised in a tentative contract which mentioned a 59% support margin, $8,000 signing bonus and 3% pay increase for workers hired before 2007, UAW members classified as skilled trades at GM have not come to an agreement with the American automotive giant. But, following more consultations with union members throughout the GM manufacturing system, United Auto Workers have decided to resume negations. UAW president Dennis Williams said in a statement that, based on the feedback from skilled trades membership, he was determined to further discuss the situation with the company. GM officials also stated the company was open to further dialogue. “General Motors is working with the UAW to address issues raised by skilled trades workers. We remain committed to obtaining an agreement that is good for employees and the business”, said GM spokeswoman Katie McBride. Meanwhile, the union executive board is waiting for the results of a ratification vote among workers at the Ford Motor, as union members rejected one tentative agreement with FCA US. The tensions between workers and the automakers have been growing for years as GM and FCA restructured in order to cope with recession and to avoid going into bankruptcy. “Are you fed up with your work being contracted out while GM skilled trades are cut to the bone? Are you tired of seeing the vast majority of tool and die work outsourced while our numbers plummet? Do you want to stop the consolidation of skilled trades, which threatens job security and safety?” noted one of the fliers circulated by the Autoworkers Caravan. Via The Detroit Bureau