New death linked to Takata’s faulty airbags

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The US regulators confirmed this week that a Honda driver was recently killed by a Takata exploding airbag which was deployed during a crash.

Yet another tragic incident happened because of Takata’s defective inflators, as a 17-year-old driver of a recalled 2002 Honda Civic was killed last month during a crash which made the airbags rupture. This is the 10th US death linked to the deadly issue and was confirmed by the US regulators and by Honda as well. The automaker said the owner had been noticed multiple times by mail over the recall campaign, but repairs were never made. According to the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Deputy Danny Beckwith, the victim rear-ended a Honda CR-V on March 31 and a shrapnel punctured the airbag and instantly killed the driver, who was not excessively speeding and was wearing the seat belt. Of the 10 deaths in the United States, nine have happened in Honda cars, and one in a Ford model. Another driver was killed in Malaysia in July 2014 after the rupture of a Takata airbag in a 2003 Honda City.

The faulty inflators made by the Japanese auto supplier affected so far approximately 23 million vehicles and fourteen automakers in the United States, while more than 29 million airbags are part of the related recall, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The automakers have managed to replace or fix only 7.5 million of those defective inflators in the US so far, accounting for just one-quarter of the total estimated figure.

Via Reuters