New Geely TX5 London Taxi unveiled

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Geely has went above and beyond creating the brand new TX5 taxi, which will be used in London. If you are anxious into taking a spin in one, you should be patient because it will actually hit the streets sometimes in 2017. This is complying with the London taxi requirements concerning wheelchair access, trunk capacity, face-to-face passenger seating for six people and more. The vehicle is also said to have a very small turning circle, making it easier to maneuver on the streets of London. Geely says that the new TX5 London taxi will be coming with a newly developed plug-in hybrid setup, which will be using a four-cylinder gasoline engine mounted at the front. The battery pack will provide it with enough juice to enable it to run on electric power for an “extended period”. These are the only details known on the car for now which should revolutionize transport in the UK capital and take things to a whole new level. The Geely TX5 was styled in Spain and the underpinnings were developed by the London Taxi Company of Coventry. The project is the result of a 250 million GBP investment by the China-based Geely, which owns the LTC. 50m GBP have been attributed to the new factory which will be producing at least 36,000 units annually. More details on the new London taxi are limited for the moment and will probably be announced in a couple of years.