New Top Gear might be called Gear Knobs

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A recent report is indicating that the new Top Gear show might be called Gear Knobs.

Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond have signed with Amazon Prime for a brand new car show after Top Gear has been “buried” and over these past few month a lot of reports were telling us various things about the topic. Now, the newest one, which has been signed by BuzzFeed, is indicating towards the new name of the show – Gear Knobs.

According to our source, Olswang LLP, a law firm which has done some work for Jeremy Clarkson in the past, has trademarked Gear Knobs and Gear Nobs on the 12th of June and on the 28th of July, Speedbird was also trademarket. Rumor has it that Gear Knobs has been selected to be the official name of the car show while Speedbird will apparently be the name of the new Stig.

Olswang LLP has been trying to keep the fillings private because, before registering the aforementioned names, it has created a separate company. The firm has previously worked together with Jeremy Clarkson and his ex-wife and was in involved in structuring Top Gear’s merchandising. There is no exact guarantee that Gear Knobs will be used for the new show’s name but we do know that the three presenters have signed for a 3-season, 12-episode after Amazon has paid 250 million USD.