Next year is the 100th anniversary of the Van Buren sisters riding their own motorcycles from New York to San Francisco

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One-hundred years years later, the sisters’ ride will be reinacted July 4-24, 2016, with 100 riders in an effort to celebrate female motorcycling heroines as well as to promote the growth of women motorcyclists two benefiting charities: Final Salute, an organization dedicated to helping homeless women veterans, and the Women’s Coalition of Motorcyclists, which seeks to increase the number of female instructors and coaches for the road, dirt, and track riding.The ride will loosely follow the Van Buren sisters’ 1916 route, primarily following the Lincoln Highway from New York to San Francisco. The route also combines major cities with scenic routs to provide something for everyone. The sisters wanted to be dispatch riders to help free the men to fight on the frontline, so they set out to prove they could handle the challenges. Along the way they endured multiple arrests for wearing men’s clothes, as well as technical difficulties, fatigue, ruts, heavy mud. They also were the first women to summit Pikes Peak on motorcycles. At the end of the journey, they applied to be dispatch riders, but their applications were rejected. The media coverage of their journey praised the Indian motorcycles they rode, but not the sisters. Sisters' Centennial Motorcycle Ride July 4-24, 2016, will honor and celebrate our female motorcycling heroines of the past, as we promote the growth of women motorcyclists and the motorcycling community. Two charities will be funded as a result of the Sisters’ Centennial Motorcycle Ride’s event efforts: Final Salute: A national women’s veterans’ organization which provides temporary and permanent housing for the over 500,000 homeless female veterans in the United States and Women’s Coalition of Motorcyclists: Providing funding for motorcycle train-the-trainer scholarships that will help enlarge the number of female instructors and coaches for road, dirt and track. The mission of Final Salute Inc. is to provide homeless women Veterans with safe and suitable housing. It is estimated that there are currently 55,000 homeless women Veterans in the United States on any given day. For the sacrifices they and their families have made, this is an unacceptable state for any of them to be in. Final Salute Inc. believes in paying women Veterans with the proper respects due to them for the service they have provided to our country. Final Salute also works with the Veteran in establishing her plan towards independence.