Next-gen Nissan Juke to debut in 2018

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The next generation of the Nissan Juke is going to be introduced in three years’ time.

Nissan has started a revolution with the Juke as it has given birth to its own segment, the B-segment for crossovers, and despite the initial rumors were saying that this will fail, it hasn’t and, on top of that, it has also forced a lot of carmakers to develop their own personal rivals for it. Now, after a few years of production and a midlife facelift, the Nissan Juke is going to receive a new generation.

According to the guys from AutoExpress, the extremely popular sub-compact crossover is going to be introduced in 2018, in a new generation. Our source is saying that the model will be getting a bold new look and chances of a hybrid variant are also possible. In terms of design, rumor has it that the next-gen Nissan Juke will be taking inspiration from the recently unveiled Gripz Concept so expect the V-motif grille and the angular bodywork.

The 2019 Nissan Juke will be one of the first models to be based on a new architecture, which might be called the CMF-B, and this will continue to be produced at the Sunderland facility, along with the Leaf, Note and Qashqai. Chances are the next-gen Juke will share a lot of components with the second generation of the Renault Captur, but this remains to be seen. Additional details on the upcoming Juke are limited at this time.