Ninth death involving Takata airbag gets confirmed by Honda

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Honda Motor Co confirmed that a crash which took place in July and ended with the death of a young driver involved a faulty Takata airbag inflator, making it the 9th death linked to the Japanese auto parts supplier.

With tens of millions of cars being recalled at a global level, the death was the 8th in the U.S. and the 9th in the world, after a pregnant woman in Malaysia passed away in a Honda model.

Working with the official regulators, after an inspection of the car components, Honda “confirmed that the Takata driver’s front airbag inflator ruptured” and “injuries related to this airbag inflator rupture likely resulted in the tragic death of the underage driver.”

Last week, the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) said that the death happened in a recalled used 2001 Honda Accord coupe, with an unidentified teenage driver being hospitalized after a Takata airbag ruptured. The victim died a few days after the event took place.

According to Reuters, the death involved a 13-year-old boy who took the car keys without permission from his parents and ended up crashing the car early in the morning on the 22nd of July. The Pennsylvania State Police said that the car went off the road and into the wood at around 4:46 a.m.

Honda explained that the car’s previous owner received a recall notification back in 2010 and that the car brand mailed a new recall notice on the 21st of July to the new owner, unfortunately, only one day before the accident took place.

Takata agreed in November to pay a fine worth of $70 million for safety violations and is yet to face deferred penalties of almost $130 million according to an NHTSA settlement.