Nissan IDS Concept unveiled for Tokyo Motor Show

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The new Nissan IDS Concept has been officially unveiled ahead of its public debut which will be taking place at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show. Just a few hours before the 2015th edition of the Tokyo Motor Show will be officially opening its gats, the new Nissan IDS Concept is smiling in its first official images. The model is nothing more than an all-electric hatchback which is bringing a full carbon body and enough room in the cabin to seat up to four adults. The vehicle has a different front grille compared to the one of the production vehicles, mimicking a stack of ice blocks, a bluish satin silver body, a roof mounted spoiler, boomerang shaped taillights and so on. The new Nissan IDS Concept is bringing a layered design for the wheels as well, which are wrapped in thin 175 tires, minimizing air and roll resistance. The cabin of the car is available in two configurations, in Manual Drive or Piloted Drive. With the manual mode on, the driver is in control of the car and all seats are facing forward. In the piloted mode, the steering wheel recedes in the instrument panel’s center and a large screen is coming out. The seats are rotating slightly inward. Nissan says that the new one-off vehicle has a 60 kWh batter allowing enough juice for long journeys but the company isn’t revealing any exact figures at this point.