Nissan mulling extended range hybrid to compliment EV lineup

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The reports are painting an eco picture – second largest Japanese automaker Nissan is bent on delivering to the markets an E-REV – aka an extended-range electric vehicle. But while the rumor mill spins around this one faster and faster, it appears the company is actually not yet committed to the project and has not signed off on the production papers. The word on the street kicked off following a recent Australian publication interview with Yoshi Shimoida, the deputy general manager of Nissan’s EV and HEV engineering unit. He hinted the automaker was developing something that would compete with the BMW i3 in its range-extended form, which makes use of a small – added – engine to increase the range of the electric city dweller. Shimoida also gave away an important detail – it would be an all new model, and not a reworked version of the Leaf – which is expected to reach its second generation soon and come with a massive improvement in terms of battery range. A new report now quotes a company insider that says the production model extended range electric is “not even in the production plans”, though they’re just like any other carmaker “looking at those things.” This is only natural since the automotive industry as a whole is being tipped for much more strict emissions and mileage levels, meaning the automakers are highly “incentivized” to push for electrification – from mere mild hybrids to full battery or fuel cell models. And one of the most researched segments is the one of plug-in hybrids, which can use electricity and be recharged from the grid and then switch to the internal combustion engine to insure long range commutes are a go.