Nissan says current GT-R is here to stay until the end of the decade at least

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An executive of the Japanese automaker has recently revealed to an Australian publication the company has no intention to replace the current GT-R R35 with a new generation until at least the start of the new decade. Nissan Australia’s managing director Richard Emery recently talked to Australian publication Motoring and hinted the automaker “is not even talking about it” as the new generation GT-R has not been put on the strategy agenda that spans the upcoming few years. He also mentioned the GT-R R36, as has been referred to the next generation has virtually no chance of reaching out to the public in 2018 or 2019 and the first change would be to have a 2020 introduction. Numerous reports have been quick to push the release date of the successor of the iconic sports car from the Japanese automaker towards a 2017 announcement and then rekindled the date to 2018. Now it’s rather clear – no new GT-R until the dawn of the coming decade. Insiders that have been feeding the press with reports of the model have also pointed out the research and development of the new R36 generation has been taken from Japan to North America and Europe. Among those implicated is Williams and reports have also pushed for an Infiniti version that would receive two doors and become a sedan. But take this with a healthy dose of skepticism as the premium unit was also supposed to deliver a production version of the acclaimed Q50 Eau Rogue and recently decided to axe it and also executives downplayed the possibility of Infiniti performance cars. Via