Nissan union condemns the French government for its power-hungry attitude

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The power struggle within the alliance has determined Nissan’s labor union to come forward and publicly criticize the French government’s latest actions. Nissan labor union is not usually stepping forward to make its views known, but does so when the situation requires it. And when a public statement is released, it really means the situation is serious. In its first public appeal involving the Japanese carmaker’s affairs in 16 years, Nissan labor unit condemns the French government over its latest actions which placed Renault in a more powerful position within the alliance. It is an “unacceptable” attempt to obtain double voting rights in Renault SA, as this will destabilize the two carmakers’ partnership, Nissan’s union said Wednesday in a statement. The labor group last made its opinions public in this manner in response to Chief Executive Officer Carlos Ghosn’s rescue plan calling for Nissan plant closures in 1999, Hiroyuki Ohkita, president of the union, said. “We hope this matter can be resolved as soon as possible so that we can reestablish the foundations of a successful alliance while preserving the independence of Nissan,” the union said. Nissan has been considering ways to balance the power within the alliance after the French government raised its Renault stake to secure double voting rights last April. Japan’s Nikkei newspaper reported on Monday that the automaker was open to issuing new shares to undermine Renault’s 43.4 percent stake, the new strategy being discussed at a Nissan board meeting. Another way would be for Nissan to raise its stake in Renault to limit the influence of the French government. Via Bloomberg