Nissan wants to close the sales gap to Toyota by 2020

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Nissan has set some ambitious sales targets and the company wants to close the gap to the world’s no. 1 carmaker in a five-year time frame.

As the power struggle within the Renault-Nissan alliance seems it has cool down for the moment, CEO Carlos Ghosn can now focus on higher objectives. Nissan is targeting a 10 percent market share in the US and is already looking past Honda Motor to the next rival in his greater plan to come closer to Toyota, the world’s no. 1 carmaker, by 2020. This month’s changes in Nissan’s US management team will provide the proper boost for the Japanese automaker to achieve its market share goal over the next 15 months and set the stage for further growth, Ghosn recently said. Along the way, the combined share of Nissan and Infiniti should eclipse that of Honda and Acura. And by 2020, Nissan North America’s slice of the regional market should be more than 10 percent and zeroing in on Toyota, Lexus and Scion, Ghosn stated. “In North America, we should be above 10 percent market share, going toward closing the gap with Toyota,” he said of his 2020 vision during a media roundtable at Nissan global headquarters.

Despite Ghosn’s high expectations, the company has to overcome this year standstill, as the combined Nissan and Infiniti market share has stalled at 8.5 percent despite 12 months of new model launches and aggressive marketing. Nevertheless, the results are still better than its main rivals. Throughout last month, American Honda’s share fell to 9.1 percent from 9.3 percent a year earlier, while Toyota Motor Sales’ share slightly dropped to 14.3 percent from 14.4 percent. “The trend is good. The team is strong. The dealers are motivated,” said Ghosn.

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