No Masters win but Smylie Kaufman still got a brand new Nissan Murano

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The Japanese automaker is going to gift American professional golfer Smylie Kaufman with an all new 2016 Murano – read more if you don’t know who Smylie is.

Unless you’re a fan of professional golf you have no idea who Smylie Kaufman is – neither did we but getting a big SUV present from Nissan caught our attention. Kaufman is actually a 24-year-old rookie that almost nailed the Masters – on Saturday he managed to pull a day-best round at Augusta National, making Nissan North America believe he was the winner, though on Sunday the final round didn’t actually go according to plan. And while interviewed by the media the professional golfer revealed he still lives at home with his parents and his ride choice is… a 2008 Murano. This latter bit prompted the company to give him a very nice gift as a sign of appreciation for his performances on the field. Benton Nissan of Hoover in Birmingham, Alabama will be getting a new 2016 Murano and Smylie Kaufman will pick it up from there.

The Murano is built in Canton and the sport utility vehicle will set anyone back at least $29,660 MSRP in the United States and we think the Murano gifted to Kaufman is not really going to be in the base trim. Of course this is a clever rouse from Nissan who posted faith in the rising star of Kaufman, described as a “golf sensation,” meaning the more attention he gets the bigger chance he would be asked about his choice of wheels.