Odd prototype testing strategy – Ford Focus RS turned into Police car?

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Is the yet to be released Ford Focus RS extreme hatch ready to adopt a life of fighting crime? And we’re not talking about superhero type of fighting, but real life police work.

It appears that Ford engineers have decided they should get on the good side of the law enforcement forces, since we’re right now staring at a development concept of the 2016 Focus RS that has the front doors signed “Police” – it’s not a typo on their part, because the picture was snapped in Sweden, where the model was undergoing winter testing as far as we knew. The picture was taken by spy photographers early in the morning, with the Ford testers apparently ready to go out for a fast breakfast. The model was being tested at the Continental testing grounds in Arvidsjaur, a facility that usually sees many different automakers looking to test their prototypes in the harsh conditions provided by the country.

We do know that impersonating the law enforcement is against the law actually, but we can let Ford slide this one because the facility is closed to the public and most likely we’re looking at an insider’s joke. By the way, we already knew and thought the automaker had wrapped the extensive testing process of the RS, which makes us wonder if the prototype was actually a development of the model – maybe a new special version in the vein of the predecessor’s RS500 limited edition. Most likely we’ll just have to wait and see – and we’re eagerly awaiting to see the first new RS putting on the street its 350 hp through all four wheels.

Via Carpix Spionage