Only Volkswagen cheated on emissions test, the German regulators say

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After testing multiple cars powered by diesel engines, the German authorities concluded that only Volkswagen vehicles were fitted with a bypass-emissions device.

After Volkswagen admitted to the US regulators back in September that it cheated on the emissions test, the German Federal Motor Transport Authority reacted at that time by launching multiple tests on local makers and foreign auto brands as well, to find out if there were other emissions manipulations. The body recently announced it has concluded those probes and data gathered showed that only Europe’s biggest automaker used cheating devices, German daily Handelsblatt reported.

However, as expected, there were some irregularities found on some models, but these were within legal limits, according to newspaper’s sources. Handelsblatt also revealed that the full report by the KBA would be made public later this month. “The final results will be published after the end of the investigation,” the paper cited a spokesman for the transport ministry as saying.

But the regulators’ efforts in this direction are not going to stop at this point. In an attempt to reestablish the confidence and to prevent such deceiving practices from ever happening in the future, Germany plans to carry out random and unannounced tests on all carmakers. Meanwhile, Volkswagen’s diesel recall plan in its homeland is not going so swiftly. The carmaker has reportedly not received yet approval from KBA for the proposed technical fixes for the Passat model, as part of the second callback wave.

Via Reuters